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Bodrum Akyarlar in the Karaincir located in La Brezza SUITE HOTEL Karaincir beach 200 mt, while Akyarlar beach 400 meters away, prepared with different concepts on the main road, design room with the hotel is personalized boutique serving.

Bodrum Bodrum  boutique  hotels  and  small  hotel  category in the La Brezza Suite & Hotel is located personalized boutique service approach offers the best hotels in the Bodrum peninsula is.

La Brezza Bodrum TripAdvisor’s the best family hotel, best in beach hotel and Akyarlar category  1. ranks, in 2014, Turkey has been awarded the best 11 small hotel award.

The facility with pool and sea view rooms, 200 meters from the sea blue flag of the sea, luxury rooms with plasma TVs, KARAİNCİR to serve the guests of our hotel by the beach on the coast.labrezza-bodrum-tesis-kurucuları

All year round, serving La Brezza Suite & Hotel;

23 ads 20 m2 1 bedroom Min. 1 / Max. 3 people stay in accordance with standard hotel rooms, 5 bedrooms, 1 living room 35 m2 1 Min. 2 / Max. Accommodation suite apartments suitable for 4 people, 2 x 33 m2 1 bedroom, 1 living room Min. 2 / Max. 4 people in the penthouse villas and 1 of 42 m2 with 2 bedrooms, 1 living room and a garden of its own Min. 4 / Max. 6, available to stay at Villa Gardens and one 20 m2 1 bedroom 1 0da Min. 1 / max. 2 people to stay fit and 1 honeymoon room one room for the disabled.


Our facility; in the countryside, which surrounds the bougainvillea, in the shade of banana trees, you will find peace in the sound of birds 1500 m² tropical garden with large pool, children’s pool, a snack bar and restaurant.

Akyarlar-Karaincir located in La Brezza Suite & Hotel is quiet, peaceful, with all amenities for a holiday to enjoy to the full the unique permanent wind blowing serve our valued guests.